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Have you thought about fuel theft? Since April 2022, when the government removed the entitlement for the construction industry to use rebated fuels such as Red Diesel, there has been a rapid surge in on-site fuel theft. We’re stopping thieves from raiding construction site fuel supplies with our Dyed Diesel; the ultimate deterrent.

Pre-dyed Diesel available in
1000L IBCs, 200L Barrels or 20L FuelBoxes

Dyed Diesel also available in
Bulk deliveries from 1000L - 36,000L

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On-site fuel theft is estimated to account for over £9m in lost revenue to businesses every year.

Since Red Diesel is no longer permitted in many industries and DERV/White Diesel is now more commonly used by companies to fuel vehicles and equipment – including those in construction and recycling – any fuel stored on site has become an increased target for thieves, very often causing costly financial and operational delays.

Protect your fuel supplies by using our Dyed Diesel.

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Our innovative Dyed Diesel creates an instant visual deterrent against internal misuse and external threats.

The custom blended colour and product strength of our Dyed Diesel is a cost-effective visual solution to the problem of fuel theft. It gives you the ability to brand your fuel stock and creates value in your supply chain, as the marked fuel makes the re-sale and disposal more difficult.

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Diesel Dye Security FAQs

What is dyed diesel fuel?  It is fuel that has a dye added – the dye is added to alter the colour of the fuel to help prevent theft.  The dye does not change the fuel in any other way.

Why is red dye added to some diesel fuel?  Red dye is added to Gas Oil or Red Diesel to distinguish the different between that and normal DERV.  The colour helps identify if the fuel has been used in vehicles or machinery that do not qualify to use it.

Is dyed diesel expensive? Dyed diesel costs more than regular diesel, please contact our sales team if you are interested in purchasing dyed diesel.

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