Our AdBlue® conforms to ISO22241 and is for the use in Vehicles using Selective Catalytic Reduction systems.

Fuel Type:


Suitable for all SCR systems

Quantities available:

Pallet of Adbluebox with 10L, 18L boxes as well as filling hose beside.


We dispense our AdBlue® directly from the original container, such as a bulk tank, drum, or plastic can. Our system is designed to be compatible with AdBlue® and incorporates advanced dispensing mechanisms, ensuring a clean dispensing process and safeguarding the product quality to prevent any possible contamination.

New Era Energy Adblue tanker

How does AdBlue® work?

AdBlue® is injected from the vehicle’s dedicated AdBlue® storage tank into the exhaust pipe, which is in front of the SCR catalyst, but downstream of the engine. As it is heated in the exhaust, the AdBlue® changes into ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

When the nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases from the exhaust pipe react inside the catalyst with the ammonia, the harmful NOx molecules in the exhaust are converted into harmless nitrogen and water, which is released to the atmosphere as steam.

Storage Shelf Life

Store for up to 12 months

Following the strict recommendations of the ISO 22241-3; our AdBlue® has a shelf life of at least 18 months from manufacturing date.

AdBlue® FAQs

What is AdBlue®? AdBlue® is for vehicles equipped with an SCR system. As an exhaust fluid rather than a fuel additive, AdBlue® is kept in a separate reservoir from diesel and is topped up via a blue filler cap found next to the fuel cap, in the boot, or under the bonnet. AdBlue® is a trading name registered by the German Association of the Automotive Industry.

Why do I need AdBlue®? Under Euro 6 Emission standards, the maximum level for NOx (nitrous oxide) in diesel vehicles is 80mg/km. AdBlue® reduces the nitrous oxide emissions of diesel vehicles to align with this standard. There are two methods for reducing NOx emissions from diesel fuel combustion: a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and exhaust gas recirculation. AdBlue® is required if your vehicle has an SCR system.

What is AdBlue® made from? AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of pure urea in demineralised water.

Is all AdBlue® the same? AdBlue® refers to a 32.5% solution of pure urea in demineralised water. You will find many brands offering the same product. You can use any brand as long as it conforms to ISO 22241-1 (check the packaging or company website). If you are unsure of which ISO standard you can use, check your car’s handbook.

Can you drive without AdBlue®? / What happens if your car runs out of AdBlue®? Driving without AdBlue® will not damage your engine, however, if you allow your vehicle to run out of AdBlue®, your engine will go into ‘limp mode’ and drastically reduce power to minimize Nitrous Oxide emotions. Most vehicles will give you a warning that the vehicle will not start in x amount of miles if you do not refill the AdBlue®.

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