GTL Fuel

GTL Fuel (Gas-To-Liquid Fuel) is a cleaner alternative fuel to conventional diesel that can be used in off-road applications that protects your workforce from harmful pollutants.

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GTL Fuel


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Clear, bright, and almost water-like in appearance, GTL Fuel produces no characteristic ‘diesel’ odour due to a lack of sulphur and aromatics.

GTL Fuel is part of the paraffinic family of fuels and complies with EN15940 standards. A synthetic fuel produced from natural gas using the Fischer-Tropsch process, its improved combustion properties helps to reduce emissions of regulated pollutants and improve local air quality.

Emission reduction:

  • Up to 37% NOx reduction
  • Up to 45% PM reduction

The benefits of using GTL Fuel:

Biodegradable & non-toxic
GTL Fuel is proven to be less harmful to the environment, with tests showing that it can be classified as ‘readily biodegradable’ and non-toxic.

Reduced noise pollution
Noise levels in some engines can be reduced by 1-4dB with GTL Fuel’s more uniform combustion.


Store safer, for longer
With no bio content and a CFPP below -22°C, GTL Fuel has a longer shelf life than conventional diesel.

Winter grade fuel, all year round
Excellent low temperature performance, with a low cloud point and improved cold start due to a high cetane number.



What is GTL? (Gas-To-Liquid) is a cleaner alternative to normal diesel.

Is GTL better than standard white diesel?  It is a synthetic-based fuel produced from natural gas, and its improved combustion properties help to reduce emissions and improve local air quality.

Are machinery changes needed?  No, it can be used as a direct drop-in replacement with no modification needed to machines.

Where can I buy GTL Fuel?  Please contact our sales team.

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