Industrial heating oil

Industrial heating oil (IHO) is used in commercial heating applications only. It cannot be used in mobile or stationary plant machinery.

Fuel Type:

Industrial Heating Oil

Commercial Furnace Fuel

Quantities available:

Large industrial heating oil tank


Our heating oil meets BS2869:2010 Class D for heating applications.

IHO (or commercial furnace fuel) is a drop-in replacement for gas oil boilers, dryers and heaters and does not compromise performance, with the additional benefit of not having to change any burners for fuel pumps.

Our IHO has many names, such as Greenflame, Ultra 35, Heating Oil and Furnace Oil. No matter the name, New Era Fuels can supply industrial heating oil with the same unrivalled, next day service as our commercial fuels.

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The benefits of using our IHO

What is IHO?

Our industrial heating oil is a drop-in alternative to conventional Class A2 gas oil. Ideal for use in commercial boilers, heaters, driers and furnaces such as in leisure centres, schools and hospitals. No equipment modifications are required and it has the advantage of a long storage life.

Does IHO offer value for money?

It burns slower than conventional gas oil, so you’ll need less and offers a range of other added benefits. Unlike diesel, it is winter-grade and has zero bio content which means it can be conveniently and economically bought in bulk and stored all year round without the risk of spoilage, interruption or waxing.


Is it cheaper to order a larger quantity? Yes. The pence per litre (unit price) will be cheaper the more you order.

How much does IHO cost? Prices fluctuate daily, so it isn’t possible to publish a price online.  Please contact our sales team directly for an up-to-date price.

What can IHO be used for? IHO can be used in commercial heating applications only.


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